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Javier Lazo is a concept artist working in the Bay Area with experience in video game development and VR specializing in environment design.  He graduated from Laguna College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art.  Starting off as a freelance concept artist/illustrator, he worked with clients such as Sony Online Entertainment, 4Kids entertainment, and Autodesk. 


In 2010 he moved to the Bay Area to work at Electronic Arts where he contributed on both Maxis and Visceral Games teams as a concept artist.  On Maxis he worked on Sims 4 and helped in the effort to establish the style of props and environments for predesigned characters.  Other responsibilities included visual development, creating style guides, outsourcing support, and training other artists to use rendering techniques utilizing Maya to use in concept art.  Later he joined Visceral Games to help out with Battlefield Hardline by providing environment concepts, paint overs, skymaps, and matte painting support.  

In 2015 he joined Jaunt in Palo Alto to help design their first version of a VR app for mobile use.  Aside from working on the app he helped pitch concepts that encouraged clients to work with Jaunt.  During this time he also began freelancing for video game clients most recently Outpost Games  designing creatures, props, and environments.  

Javier is always looking for new freelance clients from the video game industry to work with .

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