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    To work as a concept artist on cutting edge experiences in the video game, VR, or film industries.






    Concept Artist  Jaunt Creative                  Jan 2017 –Present


  • Working with Jaunt Studio to create pitches for VR experiences by providing concept art and storyboards


    Concept Artist  Jaunt App                     May 2015 –Dec 2016


  • Provided initial visualization for Jaunt App version 1, a VR app designed to view 360 videos  

  • Initial visualization consisted of solving the problems of early VR 360 apps designed for a mobile experience

  • Provided environment concepts for 360 worlds, blocking out cg space, generating sky spheres, additional modeling and texture support

  • Early UI concepts for app navigation and playback controls

  • Provided concepts for pitching worlds to partners and potential clients

  • Storyboarding various transition effects, video bumpers, and other sequences


Outpost Games

    Freelance Concept Artist                        July 2015 –Jan 2016

                                                                                         July 2016

                                                                       Oct 2016 –Nov 2016  

  • Provided sketch ideations and renders of creatures, props, and environments for a multiplayer fps

  • Provided proxy models and textures used to generate concepts to the modeling team


Electronic Arts

    Concept Artist  Visceral Games               Oct 2013 –Aug2014


  • Provided concept designs and paint-overs for Battlefield Hardline including environment studies, key art, and props

  • Provided lighting support by painting skymaps for single player chapters

  • Provided support for matte painting establishing shots


    Concept Artist  Sims Division                 Apr 2010 – Oct 2013


  • Helped with establishing the style of props and environments for predesigned characters on Sims 4

  • Provided visual development for props including sketches and final rendering

  • Provided visual development for architecture including sketches, orthographic view, and final rendering

  • Provided visual development for environments including sketches, final rendering, and in certain cases; color keys and additional lighting options

  • Provided style guide templates and additional style guides for object and textures for architecture styles

  • Trained concept artists to use rendering techniques utilizing Maya in order to achieve cohesive visual look for the project

  • Provided support for the outsourcing team and art director by reviewing concept art, providing feedback, and communicating with the overseas studios



    Subject Media Expert                                                Jan 2010

  • Provided conceptual designs for a historically themed interior room with props according to specific scale limitation

  • Provided color keys and storyboard for a camera fly-by showcasing the finished model

  • Provided texture paintings for all of the assets


4Kids Entertainment

Freelance Illustrator                                   Oct 2009 – Nov 2009


  • Created illustrations for Chaotic and Dinosaur King Trading Cards


Sony Online Entertainment

     Freelance Illustrator                             Aug 2009 - Sept 2009


  • Created illustrations for Legends of Norrath Trading Cards


Double Helix Games                                 May 2008 – Aug 2008

      Contract Concept Artist

  • Designed props and environments for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.


Bello Magazine                                                           Sept 2007

  • Published in Bello Magazine:  two page spread plus additional illustration for an article by Luis Rodriguez


Skills /Abilities

Experienced in digital painting, concept design, and matte

painting using Photoshop, 3ds Max, and Zbrush


Comprehensive understanding of 3D workflow, with proficiency in 3ds Max and Zbrush.


Rendering 3d proxy models and scenes using Vray


Experience working in VR


Experience using game engines such as Frostbite and utilizing Perforce


Capable of diverse range of styles and genres from stylized to photoreal aesthetics





Laguna College of Art and Design

Laguna Beach, CA

Aug 2004 – May 2009

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Game Art



Awards / Distinctions

LCAD Juried Show: Best of the Best in Game Art 2009

LCAD Juried Show: Best of the Best in Game Art 2008

References available upon request.



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